My Own Private Marathon

It's less than a month till my big run. I'm still short of my sponsorship target - every pound counts, so please follow this link and donate anything you can afford.

As part of my prep for the Marlborough Downs Challenge 33, I'm running a marathon today.

That's 7 miles less than the 33 miles of the Marlborough race, of course, but it'll be a good bench mark.

So I'm off down the A5 to Towcester, then back home by the back roads through Blakesley, Maidford and Preston Capes - and finally, over the dreaded Newnham Hill at about mile 24.

It's a lovely sunny day today. Sunblock, asthma medication, sports drinks, sunglasses and phone all ready. Best be off then!

I fully expect to be told I'm going the wrong way, and a long way from London.

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