Recovery Days

I decided not to go running today.

Yesterday, I ran 32 km, and it's tried me out. All the fine muscles and tendons round both knees and ankles are aching still. It hurts a bit to climb the stairs.

It's been a long time since I ached the day after a run. Yesterday wasn't an especially long run - I've gone farther, and recovered faster - but I think that it was the pace I kept up through the run that's left me aching.

We've just entered April - my big event target is the 33 mile race in May, a little over a month away. Now is not the time to be wussing out of training.
I'm pretty sure tomorrow I'll be fine - but despite my fatigue, I don't want to loose today.

So - onto the static bike for some high intensity cycling, and a bout of boxing training with my heavy punch bag.
My knees and ankles are aching, so I pick the bike as it doesn't impact those joints. Also, boxing doesn't impact the legs, except in asking for agility.

Both these exercises are good for general fitness and cardio - and those are things I need to keep up with too. It's all very well pushing my distance endurance limits, but without a strong heart to back it up, it won't do me much good.


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