Dancing lessons from God

"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God"
Bokonon, from Cat's Cradle

Last Friday, I was running my usual lunch time route round the airfield perimeter where the glider club meets, and I was stopped by a chap in a Landrover. "You can't run here", he said. "There is no right of way here." Or at least, that was the jist of what he said.

After I'd run back to the public road and gone back to work, I looked up the local Ordnance Survey maps to check that he was correct. Yes, he was, it turn out. There is no public right of way on that path. I'd been running there for three years, but apparently I'd never had the right.

So, I had to find another route with defined rights of way.

As it happened (as it was meant to happen), I found better, hillier route, through woods and fields.

The views of Warwickshire are lovely. Round the airfield, being a wide open flat landscape, all I would ever see was the sky. That's interesting enough - cloudscape and sunlight and the shadows of rain - but I spent much of my time looking out for gliders rather than enjoying the scenery. (Gliders will kill you if they hit you, and they're very quiet and hard to steer out the way of a suddenly emerging runner...)

But now I'm rewarded with high places and wide views of rolling hills and fields and woods. We're having a late spring after that cold spell, and all the plants are hurrying to catch up - the trees are still partly bare, but the grass flowers are out and the bluebells are tentatively carpeting the woods. It's only going to get more lovely.

Of course, all this running and enjoyment of the great outdoors is only possible because of my great medication. Remember to sponsor me if you haven't so far!

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