Time on my feet

Putting in plenty of time on my feet is - apparently - just as important as getting in long distance runs, so I've been running short laps of the air field adjacent to work at lunch time, or if I'm working from  home, short hill runs.

On the days when I can't do that - maybe I've got customers in at work, or I'm working off site, or just too busy - I'm cycling on my static trainer at home. Just a ten minute routine: three lots of 20 seconds of INTENSE speed cycling, interspersed with cool off periods of a couple of minutes. Alternately, I do a ten minute boxing session with my heavy bag in the garage.

It all adds up to cardio work, which helps keep my stamina up, and avoids the dreaded lactic acid. The boxing has the added advantage of really working off a whole lot of stress!

I'm getting quite excited by the prospect of the Marlborough Downs run - the website now says "online entries opening soon".
I've checked it a few times each day since they put that message up on Sunday...

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