six20: It's on!

Finally, I have dragged myself into the mental place where I'm ready to run my game, and got most of the players to agree that they are able to meet for a game in 11 days time.
However, the local games club have double-booked, and the preferred RPG room is still under repair (it's been several weeks now) - so I'll be hosting the game at home.

It's a little daunting. On trial are my GMing ability, and my game system - and now, my hosting. We have enough chairs, there's a table... it's not really that which concerns me. And as I try to articulate what it is that concerns me, I realise that there really actually isn't anything.
A bunch of mates, wanting to have fun with dice and pretend characters on an adventure - what could go wrong? Scratch that - what could go wrong that wouldn't itself be entertaining?

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