Happy New Year!

I'll be using this space to write a few things, at least weekly, about my running, and my gaming - hence the witty [sic] name.

I'm a role-player, and more specifically a referee of role-playing games (RPGs). I'm writing my own rules set based on the Lego of rules sets, d20 - I call my variant "six20", and I've run a few session with friends.

I also run relatively long distances (10km to marathons, and hopefully further), for fitness and fun. I've mainly run by myself, rather than in events, so far.

My goals for the new year are:

  • get the six20 RPG rules thrashed out through playtesting 
    • (that's with a bunch of friends at the local gaming club - we're playing a continuation of a  game that started under a "vanilla" version of the d20 fantasy rules, that I won't mention in full cause they're sensitive about copyright)
  • run the Marlborough Downs Challenge 33 mile race in May
  • post regular blogs about these topics, and others as the year progresses

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