Selling a load of mixed minis

Just so I can store the pics somewhere easy to point to, here's a list and pics of the minis I have for sale.

  • Big GW case of assorted humanoids, hero figs and a few larger monsters. All painted to reasonable standard. 30 quid. SOLD

  • Small GW case of assorted humanoids and heroes - painted reasonably. 20 quid. SOLD

  • Assorted modern and sci-fi minis. Includes 2 helicopters in 1/72 scale & a bunch of matchbox cars. Mixed level of painting. In carry case with packing. 15 quid.
  • Assorted dungeon scenery in a carry case. Includes floor tiles, walls, door, columns, crates and barrels etc. 30 quid.


  1. I realise I am probably very late to these, but do you still have the sci-fi minis?

  2. You're not too late - still got them!
    I was planning to just use this post for pics to help let my local games club see what the bundles are, so I hadn't thought about postage costs...